Shipping and return policies for Various Arkansas Artists

Shipping Info
We're a small volunteer-run non-profit. That being said, we can ship to virtually any address in the world and will get your order into the mail within three days of receiving it. When you place an order, domestic shipping rates are based on the current rates for 1st class or the media rate, depending on the contents of your order. Shipping rates to Canada are based on the current USPS 1st class rates to Canada, and shipping rates to the rest of the world are a general estimation, as Bandcamp does not allow for greater country by country specificity. All shipping rates are subject to change.
Your delivery dates are based on the USPS's estimated delivery time for domestic 1st class or media rate mail, or estimated delivery time for 1st class delivery to Canada, or estimated delivery time for 1st class delivery to elsewhere in the world.
Return Policy
CDs, vinyl, and t-shirts may be exchanged for the identical item(s) within 21 days of purchase, but cannot be returned for a refund. Pack the item(s) in the original shipping package, if possible. Include all the original packing materials, all item accessories and packaging, your shipping address, and indicate the reason for the return. Send your return to:
Art Amiss c/o E. J.
714 W Douglas Street
Fayetteville, AR 72701